Why Advanced CFO supports Make-a-Wish

December 08, 2015 By Dave Chase

We love what we do and feel like we’re making a difference every day in the lives of our clients.  But every once in awhile you get the opportunity to do something really great.  So great that it puts into proper perspective everything else that you do each work day. Make-a-wish is unique in that they get to do something really great on a daily basis.  This past week as we gathered together our team for our annual Christmas Party, where we got to do just that.  As we mingled with spouses, it was a precious opportunity to glimpse into the lives of each team member.

However, our focus shifted from our own lives to those of others as we pooled our time and financial resources together for an unforgettable and moving night of service. We, once again, took an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 10 kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Their stories touched our core. We already have special connections to Make-A-Wish through the now historical experiences of two of our team. But now each year we break up into teams on this special night and do what little we can to help the Make-A-Wish families in a current crisis. The goal of these teams is to trek out together and return later in the evening with a backpack full of unique gifts appropriate to the particular child in crisis. This experience bonded us as we strove together to bring a smile to those in need of one. 
We cherish our ongoing association and sponsorship of Make-A-Wish. They’re a wonderful organization filled with caring people just trying to make a difference. We applaud them for all they do and are grateful to help in some way. Those of you who can help, we encourage you to reach out and talk to one of us about our experience.

David Chase, Managing Partner at Advanced CFO Solutions, has experience in small to medium private companies and large public companies as a senior operational and financial leader.  With 15 years in finance, a CFO of multiple entities and divisional EVP experience, Dave has a breadth of experience.  Dave has led or been instrumental in raising multiple rounds of equity and debt in excess of $450 million.


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