Warren’s Words of Wisdom

May 13, 2015 By JB Henriksen

Many of us have become Warren Buffet fans over the years.  I am a Buffet fan because he is such a down to earth genuine person and that has made him successful (as opposed to some people who say he is successful in spite of his being genuine).  He doesn’t invest in things he can’t understand.  He doesn’t live a life of luxury, even though his net worth is over $70 billion.  He doesn’t work to make lots of money.  He works because he likes what he does and he gives most of his money away, because he says he has no use for it and he says society has no use for it.

Warren Buffet


The link below is an article written about Warren Buffet that has 10 of his statements that have helped him stay grounded and successful.  They are things that are important to him and how he has stayed true to his personal course.  Starting with the unconditional love he felt from his father to staying true to his inner self.  We can all benefit from Warren’s Words of Wisdom.

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