The Current State of Venture Capital in 24 Brilliant Charts

April 28, 2017 By Dave Chase

Pitchbook’s periodic review of the state of Venture Capital is traditionally very insightful.  Their most current installment did not disappoint.

Why Should I Care?

You might wonder, ‘Why should I as a member of the C-Suite care about Venture Capitalists, how much money they have and where they’re spending it?’  Simply put, predicting where the VC markets are moving should be one part of when and how much capital you should consider raising.

Fund Raising up – Deal Count Down

VC capital raised continues to climb despite deal volume decreasing.  For the entrepreneur/CEO this is good news despite more ‘rational’ valuations.  What it means is that if you’ve got a good business, you’re likely to find and close on funding…AND…be better positioned for successful follow-on capital.

Enjoy the charts

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