Stephanie Ballantyne

Stephanie Ballantyne, CPA, is a multifaceted professional with a passion for improvement.  She is a solution finder who brings unique perspectives driven by her acute analytical skills, attention to detail, persistence, and grit.
Stephanie has over 10 years business expertise.  She began her career in international logistics, audited for Deloitte, and most recently served as USA Controller for a global company where she oversaw accounting, operations, and change management.  As a Controller, she specializes in foreign entity establishment and compliance, corporate documentation, consolidations, and business processes. Stephanie is entrepreneurial at heart.  She sees “big picture”, while drawing from a breadth of experience across business functions, to find solutions for the greater good of the organization.
Stephanie is also a certified yoga instructor, notary public, and mother of two young, amazing, children with her husband, Tim, who is a business founder and CPA.

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