Dave Petty


Dave is a seasoned accountant and advisor whose experience has exposed him to a broad range of industries, business models, corporate structures and accounting as well as general business disciplines. Dave has provided effective leadership as the CFO and Controller for local companies, playing a key role in guiding them to healthy growth while ensuring that all of the critical accounting requirements were effectively managed and communicated to his management team as well as outside agencies.

Dave’s wealth of hands-on experience and proven track record expand beyond just business accounting disciplines. He has also occupied roles requiring management of treasury functions, HR and M&A negotiations, and has successfully run his own business since 1998.

Dave is a CPA receiving his undergraduate degree from Hope College. He moved to Idaho in 1989 and has fully embraced many of the outdoor opportunities available here, with sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter being chief among those. Dave can occasionally be spotted on the ice posing as a wannabe hockey player.

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