The 10 Greatest CEOs of All Time

November 05, 2014 By Dave Chase

I recently read American Icon, by Bryce Hoffman, which details the story of Alan Mulally, his rise to Ford’s CEO spot, and how he led Ford through the years in which his American competitors had to seek government bailouts to survive.  Alan has his own positive and energetic style, sprinkled with frankness and a willingness to challenge when necessary.  But in addition to his personal style, Alan is one who demanded execution.  He measures obsessively and doesn’t have patient for those who routinely fail to meet the agreed upon goals.  He is one CEO, whose style is unique and worth studying.  Forbes has a brief summary of how he approaches each day.


Jim Collins, the well-known business consultant and author, has followed great companies and leaders for many years.  Writing for Fortune, Jim identified his list of the 10 Greatest CEOs of all time.  There may be a few of the modern CEOs you may wonder why they aren’t on the list, but to Jim’s point, “Great CEOs build organizations that thrive long after they’re gone.”  So while CEOs like Gates and Grove aren’t on the list, they’d likely be there the next time he updates his list.  Jim’s list is fascinating to read and quite insightful.

David Chase, Managing Partner at Advanced CFO Solutions, has experience in small to medium private companies and large public companies as a senior operational and financial leader.  With 15 years in finance, a CFO of multiple entities and divisional EVP experience, Dave has a breadth of experience.  Dave has led or been instrumental in raising multiple rounds of equity and debt in excess of $450 million.

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