“Advanced CFO Solutions came in on little notice, and quickly helped us refine our cash-flow projections. Their 13-week cash-flow forecasting methodology helped us deploy capital more rapidly, and avoid unnecessary dilution by over-capitalizing. Advanced CFO Solutions is always professional and prompt, available at a moment’s notice, and a pleasure to work with. Overall the relationship was a huge win.”
—Dave Bateman, Founder and CEO Property Solutions International, Inc.
“Advanced CFO Solutions has some of the finest strategic and financial minds in the nation. They have built a pragmatic gold mine of guidance for executives and their companies. This team of experts, draws from the lessons hundreds of successful companies to help our mid-sized consulting firm continue to mature and grow. They also advise us in every start-up we create. Our CFO, Marva Sadler, brings all the promised deep financial leadership to our company, yet that’s only a small percentage of the value she has added to our executive team. She continues to help us enrich our strategy, our culture, our processes, our senior staff, our sense of humor, our camaraderie, our business model and our profitability. I continue to be impressed at Kent’s decision to hand-pick her for our team. Simply put, our partnership with Advanced CFO Solutions is authentic, provocative and indispensable.”
—Galen Murdock, Founder/President/CEO, Veracity Solutions
“Durham Brands has been recognized year after year as one of Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies; however since we brought Advanced CFO Solution’s team on board not only are our revenues accelerating, but our bottom line is improving substantially. Our team is motivated by the way we have redefined success using calibrated profitability metrics and accountability measures. When the vision is clear, the price is easy. They provide that priceless clarity.
Thanks Advanced CFO Solutions!”
—Jeff Durham, President/CEO, Durham Brands
“Kent is the best financial executive I have ever worked with in my career. Period.”
—Lyle Ball, COO, MultiLing Corporation
“With Kent and his team you get impeccable performance, all the time, every time.”
“After Kent worked his magic, every aspect of our financial processes was improved, if not automated.”
“During due diligence our equity partner said our books were some of the best they had ever seen.”
—Michael Sneddon, CEO MultiLing Corporation
“I engaged Advanced CFO Solutions at Wasatch Supply to help me get better information about the business and to secure an increase to our line of credit that I could not get approved without better financial statements and accounting information. With Advanced CFO’s help, our line increase was approved and I was getting information that helped me manage some crazy and unexpected growth. When I received an unsolicited offer from a private equity group to buy my business, I turned to the Advanced CFO team to help me meet the rigorous due diligence demands, but they didn’t stop there. They stepped in and worked with my legal counsel to negotiate a better deal than I could have ever done on my own. I would recommend that anyone who is running a small business that does not need or cannot afford a full time CFO talk to the Advanced CFO team – the value added will far exceed their cost!”
—Karma Newberry,
“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with Advanced CFO Solutions over the past 4 years in my capacity as COO. During that time they have established and engineered our accounting and financial infrastructure with oversight. In addition they assist us on many fronts such as developing budgetary processes, key metric focus on the levers that drive our business and establishing key banking partners and assisting in capital partnership. Our business is both unique and complex based on revenue and compensation factors with potential tax liabilities. Through a collaborative effort with JB & Casey we were able to develop and implement a long term strategy that addresses these risks in our business model. JB Henriksen is as connected as anyone in this market relative to banking relationships and being able to source potential capital sources. One of the key elements I regard, is the strategic focus and input from JB and Casey Foote. Their input and critical thinking is a tremendous value addition for me and I really appreciate their partnership.”
—Sam Robinson, SendOutCards, COO
“Advanced CFO Solutions has been a fantastic partner as our business as grown. I need accurate and timely financial information in order to make the best decisions possible and ACS has done that for me. ACS has tightened up our accounting processes and standards and given me a much clearer picture of where we stand financially. They have been easy to work with and have been willing to adapt their services to meet my specific needs. Most importantly, they have a genuine interest in the overall success of my company.Our Account Representative, Jill Salter, has been an exceptional partner by ensuring that our accounting processes and reporting meet the highest standards. She is consistent and trustworthy and someone that I have relied upon to help our business succeed. I can honestly say, that without her efforts, we would not be experiencing the growth we have and we would not be positioned to enjoy future growth opportunities. ACS has been much more than an accounting consulting firm, they have been partners in our success.”
—Jeff, CEO/President The Ready Store
Keystone Financial “Advanced CFO Solutions provides us truly outstanding CFO and senior financial advisory services. Their abilities and professionalism are at the highest level; their ethics and integrity impeccable. Without hesitation, I can highly recommend Advanced CFO Solutions as a tremendous resource and value-add, for any growing company. ”
—Mark R. Mowatt, Founder and CEO
Nelson Laboratories “As a small company beginning to deal with mid-size company growth issues, we needed some guidance and advice. We found Advanced CFO solutions and they fit the bill perfectly. They helped us update our financial reporting, improve our audit readiness, and create a layer of managerial reporting and forecasting that have been essential tools in running our business. I consider them a trusted partner that we will continue to rely on to augment our experience, knowledge, and acumen.”
—Jeffery R. Nelson, M.B.A. SM(NRCM), President/CEO, Nelson Laboratories, Inc.
cymphonix Cymphonix has been a client of Advanced CFO Solutions since 2005 and they were instrumental in setting up our financial structure and processes. They have significant expertise in many areas of finance and accounting, which would be cost prohibitive if we would have staffed internally.CFO solutions continues to play a key role in our financial strategies as our company grows to the next level.”
—Brent Nixon – President
daz3d DAZ3D has been a growing 3D company that has bootstrapped its growth for the first six and half years of its history. As a startup, we have been very frugal with our expenditures and as such had done most of our bookkeeping internally, with some outsourced tax work. We worked with CFO solutions at a crucial time when we needed to prepare our financial statements so we could obtain conventional bank financing to acquire another company.They were instrumental in preparing our financial statements so that the bank would get a good picture of our financial position. They were also instrumental in helping us to go through diligence on the company we were acquiring. This was definitely an important time with our company and their help made all the difference in being able to close these opportunities.
—Dan Farr, President and CEO
alexanders Alexander’s Print Advantage has worked with Advanced CFO Solutions for six years. Kent Thomas and his team are absolutely exceptional. They have helped us through some rough times. At one point, we felt that we could proceed without them, but we quickly returned because their expertise has literally saved us thousands of dollars.Additionally, Advanced CFO Solutions’ industry knowledge and business integrity are right at the top. This is refreshing in today’s business climate.
—Doyle Mortimer, Vice President
telecom “Advanced CFO Solutions provided exactly the service that we needed at precisely the time that we needed it. Without them, I’m not sure how we would have been able to raise the money that we did in the time frame that we did it. They provided expertise we desperately needed, and allowed us to put our best, and most accurate, foot forward to investors and banks alike.Their work, their professional demeanor, and their competent advice are all first-rate, enough to impress even the most stickler VCs, investors, or lenders. In more than one case, the reputation of Advanced CFO Solutions alone was sufficient for the investor to skip much of the initial financial due diligence on our company, allowing us to get quickly to the business of negotiating a deal. Thanks for your great work, Kent and Jerry!”
—Tim Ruff, President
telecom “The partnership with Utah CFO has been fantastic from the beginning. Their input and perspective have been valuable as we have continued our growth path. I would not hesitate recommending Kent and his team to any start up or for that matter a more established firm. They are a valuable part of our executive team.”
—Stan Bassett, President, TechMediaNetwork.com