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Advanced CFO Solutions is always looking for good talent as our business continues to expand. Our consultants are honest, dependable, disciplined, competent, respectful, personable, professional, and courageous and focus on achieving results for our clients. If you believe you qualify and are interested in joining our team, please send the following information to

  1. Your current resume
  2. A minimum of six references: two of whom are people you have worked for (Bosses / Supervisors); two of whom are people you worked with as peers and two of whom are people who have worked for you.
  3. A brief explanation of what you see as the most valuable “assets” that you can offer to our small business clients.
  4. Describe why you are interested in consulting for small business clients versus keeping a full time position
  5. Tell us where you see yourself (in terms of your career) in five years from now.
  6. Are you able and willing to “invest” in building a clientele? (This means that your assignments and income potential will be a direct reflection of how well you serve client needs and keep them happy)
  7. Are you willing to be compensated primarily on your ability to perform?
See if you measure up to our Qualifications to be a Consultant for Advanced CFO Solutions