October 15, 2014

Top 10 Tips for Successful Sales

By Casey Foote

I recently attended a presentation by Jeffrey C. Flamm, CEO of Infinite Mind, and creator of the eyeQ learning system (https://eyeqadvantage.com/ -- which I am now excited to try).  Among a plethora ...

August 13, 2014

The Single Most Important KPI for Your Business

By Casey Foote

“What is the most important KPI I should be looking at in my business?”  is a question I am asked constantly.  “Well, that really depends on your industry” is the lame, ambiguous, non-commit...

July 23, 2014

4 Reasons You Know You Need a New Accountant

By Casey Foote

4 Reasons You Know You Need a New Accountant Financial statements have high value when they are timely, accurate, and when they are presented in such a way as to lead to good decision-making.  The...

March 03, 2014

Life-long learning – What’s Your Plan to Remain Competent?

By Casey Foote

How do you retain your competence? Perhaps it isn’t something that you think about often with the avalanche of daily meetings, e-mail, phone calls and texts but it is something that every business p...

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