What Do We Do?

Advanced CFO is a resource for outsourced CFOs and financial controllers. We can handle all of the financial aspects of a business, including everything from accounting and tracking of finances, all the way up to making financial decisions for the future and providing funding for growth.

How Do We Do It?

Our team of experienced CFOs will work as a partner in your business, looking out for your best interest and fostering growth in your company as if it were our own. We understand how much you’ve put into this company, and we make it our job to see you succeed. We dig in and get to know your company on an elemental level, and then make decisions and suggestions to help you move forward. We pride ourselves on helping any bankable company find a source for funding by introducing you to our network of investors. We’ve helped our customers raise over a billion dollars of debt equity and lease financing.

Who Do We Help?

For companies who need financial solutions, but who don’t need or can’t afford a full-time CFO, Advanced CFO is the perfect solution. We love seeing small, growing companies blossom and reach their goals with our help. We offer a free consultation where you can get to know us in person, hear what our strategies for your company might look like, and hear some suggestions from us right on the spot, all at no charge to you and with no obligation. Contact us now to set up your consultation and get started on your path to the future.